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  热风炉非常需要密封炉,这通常是生产和加工的后一步。 在密封炉子之前,需要注意一些准备工作。 必须确保炉内温度达到标准并被使用更多。 有效,因此准备很重要,让我向您介绍。
  The hot blast furnace needs sealing furnace very much, which is usually the last step of production and processing. Before sealing the furnace, some preparations need to be paid attention to. It must be ensured that the furnace temperature is up to standard and used more. Effective, so it's important to prepare. Let me introduce you.
  1. Before sealing the furnace, measures must be taken to ensure the stability of the furnace, the furnace is in active state, and the temperature of the furnace should be enough to avoid its collapse and suspension.
  2.封炉前炉渣的碱度不应太高,可以适当减少石灰石的量。 同时,可以添加少量的锰矿石以保持炉渣的碱度和足够的流动性。
  2. The basicity of slag before furnace sealing shall not be too high, which can appropriately reduce the amount of limestone. At the same time, a small amount of manganese ore can be added to keep the basicity and fluidity of slag.
  3. Before sealing the furnace, add fluorite to clean the furnace bed to eliminate the accumulation of furnace bed.
  Replace the damaged tuyere and slag port in time, and close the water inlet and outlet of the burned cooling wall to prevent leakage into the furnace.
  5.炉子和热风炉的炉膛已充满焦炭。 根据密封时间的长短,炉腰下部和炉下部可以充满空气焦炭和轻质材料。 密封时间越长,轻负载就越轻。
  5. The furnace of furnace and hot blast furnace is full of coke. According to the length of the sealing time, the lower part of the furnace waist and the lower part of the furnace can be filled with air coke and light materials. The longer the seal time, the lighter the load.
  6.在密封炉子之前,应适当增加铁口的角度。 特别是,铁嘴的角度应增加到14度。 吹完整个风之后,要关闭炉口,以确保在关闭风之前清洁渣铁,然后还原炉子。 渣渣铁。
  6. Before sealing the furnace, the angle of the iron port shall be increased properly. In particular, the angle of the nozzle should be increased to 14 degrees. After blowing the whole air, close the furnace mouth to ensure that the slag iron is cleaned before closing the air, and then restore the furnace. Slag iron.
  7. When the sealing material reaches the air vent plane, it can be closed according to the long-term air duct procedure.
  8. The top surface of the hot blast stove is filled with water slag (or mineral powder and cover to prevent the coke on the surface from burning).
  以上是热风炉密封炉的准备工作的介绍。 每个人都应在工作人员的指导下注意安全,以免发生伤害并影响人身安全。 我公司奉行服务到位,欢迎新老客户光临指导。  !
  The above is an introduction to the preparation of the sealing furnace of the hot blast furnace. Everyone should pay attention to safety under the guidance of the staff to avoid injury and personal safety. Our company pursues the service in place, welcome new and old customers to visit our company.

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