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  If the blast furnace heat is used to heat coal, then it needs to meet the conditions of coal combustion, coal combustion needs oxygen and suitable environment to achieve the appropriate combustion conditions. We need to understand these knowledge. Here is a description of the combustion conditions.
  1:Enough oxygen
  Adequate air must be guaranteed in order to complete combustion of combustible components in coal and convert them into CO2/SO2/H2O gas products. Without oxygen, coal can not be burned, so the supply of hot blast stove must be guaranteed. The turbofan fan in the matching facilities of hot blast stove meets this requirement and injects a large amount of air into the furnace to provide a large amount of oxygen for coal combustion.
  2: High temperature environment
  High temperature can significantly improve the combustion performance of coal, accelerate combustion reaction and ignition stability, reduce chemical and mechanical incomplete combustion loss, besides coal only reaches the prescribed ignition point, there may be combustion. The design of the top and combustion chamber of the hot blast stove follows the principle of heat protection.
  3: Combustor and air mixing
  In order to ensure that coal fuel and air can mix fully and keep good contact with them, we can enter the combustion chamber by reducing coal particle size, increasing coal reaction surface area, combustion pressure, adjusting airflow movement and other aspects, equipped with pulverized coal equipment and smaller particles of coal, which can be fully burned at all times, more efficient and energy-saving.
  Above is the introduction of coal combustion conditions in hot blast stove. I believe you have seen the above introduction and clearly understand it. Adequate oxygen and high temperature environment are indispensable combustion conditions. You can refer to the content of this article in future practice.

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